America Ranked #1 Place In World Where You Can Get Rich By Writing About How Awful The Country Is
U.S. · Aug 26, 2020 ·

U.S. - America has been voted the #1 place in the world to live if you want to get rich by writing about how terrible the place you're currently living and getting rich in.

"If you're looking for a place to get rich while decrying the very system that's allowing you to get rich, America is the place to be," said Robin DiAngelo as she got off the phone with her speaking agent, having just booked another event with a $20,000 fee. "Gosh, it's good to be so oppressed."

A study supported the findings of the poll, showing that most countries will just execute or banish you if you criticize the system. But the United States has thousands and thousands of people who are currently getting rich by talking about how bad it is.

"It's the perfect system," said social justice advocate Shaun King. "I don't even know how I keep getting away with it. I'm building up my bank account pretty significantly by talking about how bad the place I live is."

"Watch this," he said. "I'm gonna tweet out, 'America is a terrible place where no one can succeed,' and my followers will just eat it up."


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