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Amazon To Provide All Employees With Prime Boxes To Live In

U.S.—Now that Amazon has announced its two new headquarters will be in the New York City and Washington D.C. areas -- two places with high housing prices which are expected to rise even higher with the announcement -- Amazon is tackling the issue of where all the new employees are going to live. Luckily, they’ve found an easy solution to that by working with their shipping department.

“I want all new Amazon employees to know you won’t have to worry about the cost of housing,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced, “because we’re now working with Prime Shipping to provide boxes large enough to house a human to all of our new employees.”

To get a free box from Amazon, one would normally have to be a Prime member and order a large item from Amazon, but Amazon will now give one box free to every new employee. These are sturdy boxes expected to stand up to most weather conditions. They also have flaps that are easily closed and reopened, an innovation Amazon is dubbing “Frustration-Free™ Living.”

As part of their deals with Amazon, New York City and Crystal City, Virginia, have already cleared out a number of alleyways so Amazon employees will have room to set up their new homes. Many are wondering whether tech employees will enjoy living in boxes -- even if they’re free -- but Bezos dismissed that concern. “With the hours they’ll work,” Bezos explained, “they’ll barely ever see their boxes.”

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