Al Gore Commemorates Earth Day By Using Private Jet To Write 'Save The Planet' In The Sky
Politics · Apr 22, 2019 ·

U.S. - In a gesture meant to call people to action on climate change and the environment, Al Gore took to the skies in a private jet to write "Save the Planet" in the sky, sources confirmed Monday.

Gore flew from coast to coast and wrote the message in the sky above dozens of metropolitan areas in a courageous move to ask people to stop burning jet fuels, gasoline, and other carbon-emitting products.

"I just want to call everybody else---not me, of course, but the rest of the country---to take action before it's too late," Gore said of the message he wrote in the sky above the nation. "And the best way to do that is with a big message in the sky in this luxury jet."

"Hello, commoners!" an excited Gore said as he waved at the window at all the tiny people he condemns for flying commercial once in a while and running their air conditioners when it gets really hot.

At publishing time, Gore had confirmed he was having a new mansion built---one that spells out "Save the earth!" when viewed from the sky.


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