AG Garland Issues Memo Calling For Investigation Of Terrorist Senators Who Harassed And Intimidated Him At Hearing

WASHINGTON, D.C.—After testifying at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, much of it regarding a memo he had issued calling for the investigation of parents who harass and intimidate school board members, Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a second memo calling for the investigation of Senators who harass and intimidate Attorneys General at hearings.
This second memo read, in part, “I thought I made it pretty clear at the hearing that harassment and intimidation were not okay. So what did these Republican Senators do? They harassed and intimidated me and they did it in a very hurtful way. They said thank God I wasn’t on the Supreme Court and that I should resign as Attorney General and called me shameful and a disgrace. If that’s not harassment, I don’t know what is.” 
When asked if perhaps he didn’t know what free speech is, he replied by stating: “I want to make it clear, as I did in my testimony earlier, that neither of these memos in any way impinges upon the right of free speech. Senators are free to say to me whatever they want, just as parents are free to say to school boards whatever they want. And then the Federal Government is free to call them terrorists and ruin their lives. See? We’re all free.”
The Attorney General was then asked about other types of harassment of public officials, such as the harassment of a Senator who opposes a $3.5 trillion spending bill. Garland said, “Oh, no, that’s totally fine."

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