After Capitol Riots, Sesame Street Pulls All Episodes Featuring The Letter 'Q'
Entertainment · Jan 11, 2021 ·

NEW YORK, NY - Sesame Street announced today that they will drop all episodes featuring the letter "Q" as the "letter of the day." Producers of the show claim that teaching kids about the letter "Q" could lead them to believe in strange conspiracy theories, and it might even make them do things like storm the Capitol or even post strange memes on the internet.

The move to drop the letter "Q" comes after a crowd of angry protesters raided the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, many of the protesters wearing the letter "Q" on their upper arm as a symbol of hate and violence. 

"Sure, we want the children to be educated," explained Sesame Street Writer Ken Scarborough. "But the letter 'Q' has become a dangerous letter. I mean, what if these kids grow up to be terrorists-- or worse, Trump supporters? We must stop the process of radicalization early!" 

Sesame Street's silencing of the letter "Q"  echoes moves made by big tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google, who have all removed the letter "Q" to protect the public from any sort of insurrection that doesn't come from the mostly-peaceful protesters of the left. 

Sesame Street does have a history of cracking down on the letter "Q": in early 2019 Grover joined Qanon after coming in contact with one of their Facebook posts. This led to several awkward segments in which Grover looked into the camera and explained the importance of Donald Trump's presidency and how Democrats control the world and do all sorts of weird stuff "that a superhero cannot speak of in front of children."

Grover has since been fired from the show and was last seen storming the Capitol last Wednesday.

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