Activists Vow John Wayne Will Never Work In Hollywood Again
Entertainment · Feb 19, 2019 ·

HOLLYWOOD, CA - After a 1971 Playboy interview with John Wayne that was deemed offensive surfaced online, liberal activists took to the streets to boycott the actor, vowing that Wayne will never work in Hollywood again.

Wayne died in 1979 of stomach cancer.

Marchers could be seen on Sunset Boulevard with signs calling for the firing of "that cowboy guy from those old movies." Many seemed confused about who Wayne actually was, with some assuming he may have been a relative of Batman, and others thinking that maybe he was in a Coen brothers movie or something. However, they all agreed he is what's wrong with this country, as evidenced by their chant, "John Wayne bad!"

Activist leaders announced that at 10:30 am they would hold a massive burning of John Wayne films, posters, and other memorabilia at the intersection of Hollywood and Vine. When the time arrived, many people arrived but there was nothing to burn. "I don't think anyone here has ever even seen a John Wayne movie, now that I think about it," one activist told reporters. 

At the non-burning, activist and film student Jenson Alexis addressed the gathered crowd using a bullhorn. "I'm tired of people saying racism is on the decline!" he shouted to raucous applause and chanting. "This 1971 interview from a man born in 1907 and dead for nearly forty years proves that racism is alive and well in the US of KKK!" 

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