Does Your Wife Have An Amazon Addiction? Know The Signs
Sponsored · Apr 26, 2023 ·

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We've all seen it. All of us, in some way, have had our lives touched by it. Amazon addiction. It's spreading like wildfire through marriages and families, destroying all bank accounts in its path. If your wife has an Amazon addiction, it's not too late to save her. There is help available. The first step in treating Amazon addiction is knowing the signs.

The Babylon Bee has compiled this important list of 10 warning signs.

  1. She tried to claim your Amazon driver as a dependent on her taxes: If the IRS is ok with you listing your Amazon driver as a dependent, there may be an issue.
  2. Your dog doesn't bark at the delivery driver anymore: He barks at your poor old 90-year-old neighbor Wanda, but he's totally cool with the dude dropping off packages?
  3. She suggests naming your next child "Amazon": It has a nice ring to it, sure, but is there something deeper going on here?
  4. Your paycheck just gets direct deposited to Jeff Bezos: Yes, it does cut out the middleman, but it's definitely a big red flag.
  5. Jeff Bezos named his 6th yacht after her: Troubling.
  6. All your friends order stuff from your wife instead of from Amazon: "Out of stock on Amazon? No worries, I'll just put in an order with Jenna!"
  7. Your wife starts twitching whenever a delivery is delayed: Withdrawals are no joke for an addict.
  8. Amazon drivers keep clocking in at your house by accident: An understandable mistake.
  9. You have to move 19 boxes out of the way before climbing into bed every night: Enough boxes to build forts in every room in your house? Your wife might have a problem.
  10. Your 2-year-old looks a lot like your Amazon driver: Oh no.

Don't let your wife suffer in the despair of Amazon addiction. Reach out for help today.

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