9 Signs Your Wife Drove Your Car Last
Family · Sep 16, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

We've all been there - surveying a scratch on the side of the car, or a missing hubcap, and wondering - who the heck drove last? Here are 9 clues that your wife was the last one behind the wheel:

  1. You were buried beneath an avalanche of empty Starbucks cups when you opened the door and are now dead - Yup, probably your wife.
  2. The driver's seat is positioned so a tiny gnome can fit comfortably - How women drive like this, no man will ever know.
  3. There's a mailbox in the radiator - Always a telltale sign.
  4. There are hairbands everywhere. Like, everywhere - They're like deer tracks, but for your wife.
  5. Taylor Swift is still playing on the radio - Obviously, you would never...
  6. There's a new 'Baby on Board' sticker - HOLD UP, she's pregnant??
  7. Not exaggerating, there are hairbands EVERYWHERE. The cupholder, the floor, the side door compartment - How can one woman possibly need so many headbands? What does she even do with them all?
  8. The front is smashed, the airbags are deployed, fluid is leaking out the bottom, and it's currently being towed - Subtle, but a strong indicator.
  9. Like, really, there are SO MANY HAIRBANDS! I mean, is she expecting a hairband shortage? Does she have hairband insecurity? Does she just love hairbands that much? Does she have a problem? Is it a cry for help of some kind??? - If you find these thoughts running through your mind, you know without a doubt who drove last.

There you are! Let us know any other signs you've found that let you know your wife had driven the car last!

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