Here Are 9 More Extremist Flags Spotted At Alito's Home
Politics · May 25, 2024 ·

Justice Alito is in hot water after the "An Appeal to Heaven" flag was spotted outside his home, as well as an American flag flying upside-down. But these aren't the only extremist flags he has been seen flying: here are nine more radical - practically terrorist - flags our journalists spotted hanging in broad daylight for all to see.

This strange flag with stars and stripes, apparently a well-known symbol of the far right. Scary!

This flag showing some kind of tree - is Alito saying that all non-white peoples must be... uprooted? Probably.

This flag telling people to live, even though people died on January 6th. Disgusting.

Literally the flag of a rebellion against government.

This flag showing a sport that white people like. Horrifying.

Every life matters? The far-right messaging couldn't be more clear.

This flag supporting chicken sandwiches that hate gay people. What a bigot.

This flag with the emblem of a literal terrorist organization. Appalling.


These images have left all of us here at the Bee shaken. Obviously, this man does not belong in civil society, much less occupying a seat on the highest court in the land. Lock him up!

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