9 Horrible Things Brought About By Toxic Masculinity
Worldviews · Aug 8, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

Toxic masculinity has been under fire since third-wave feminism in the ‘90s, and for good reason – men have brought nothing but wickedness and dirty laundry into the world from the beginning. Want examples? Here are 9 horrible things brought to you by toxic masculinity:

  • The wheel: It was just an excuse to frame women for running over curbs!
  • Running water: Seems like a technological advance, but it's just another male ploy to keep women in the kitchen where they belong. Disgusting!
  • Sports: NASCAR, WWE, MMA – the oppression runs so deep that even most women's sports are run by men.
  • Law and order: The actual institution, and probably the show too.
  • Open jars: This may sound positive, but men erase all the goodwill from their service by always eating the last peach.
  • "Eh, the spoon's probably clean enough": Men tout this as an "advancement for efficiency." Disgusting again!
  • Most science: Science? Who needs it? We have Dr. Fauci!
  • People: Men are involved in the procreation of humans. Humans are the worst. Thanks a lot, men.
  • Feminism: If only loving, servant-hearted leadership were more common, this blight on our society may not exist.

Now go and boycott anything invented or maintained by men – smash the patriarchy!

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