We Asked 1,000 Christian Women What They Want In A Spouse - Here Are The Top Responses
Sponsored · Jun 30, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

Are you a single loser? Are you also a man? Love scientists with The Babylon Bee talked with 1000 actual real-live women and uncovered ten things Christian women are looking for in a man. Only you have the power to mold yourself into the ultimate man and win her heart.

Consider embodying one of these amazing qualities:

  1. Boaz: If you are Boaz then you can stop reading this list right now. MMM, Boaz...
  2. A man with the body of Henry Cavill and the brains of C.S. Lewis: This is the whole package!
  3. A believer in the patriarchy who will provide for her and free her from the shackles of corporate America: Also see, Boaz.
  4. A guy who doesn't want to have sex with you and then murder the child: This is a pretty important one.
  5. A godly man who loves kids and puppies and is over 6' tall and muscular and really tan with fertile seed: This is the kind of man who will give you the freedom to be in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant like you've always wanted.
  6. A guy with a completed AWANA vest: The only way to know he's truly godly. Boaz had one of these.
  7. A dude who never complains about casseroles: Bonus points for loving burnt meatloaf.
  8. A man who will wake her up at 4 a.m. to read the King James Bible to her: NIV readers need not apply.
  9. Somebody who can open pickle jars and reach things on high shelves: Better get jacked, nerds!
  10. A guy who can fold a fitted sheet: Dreamy! Just like MyPillow Giza Dream Sheets.

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