10 Strange But True Facts About The Bible
Faith Tips · Oct 3, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

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Studying the Bible is a lifelong pursuit. That's why it's important that you read out-of-context Bible verses on Instagram at least a few times a week.

But there are a lot of interesting facts about the Bible that you still might not know, even with an intense Bible-reading regimen like that. We emailed a weird guy who was posting end times predictions videos on YouTube and asked him to hit us with some strange but true Bible facts, and these ten facts are what he told us. He seemed totally legit.

1) If you read the book of 2 Timothy backward, it says "Paul is dead." Wow!

2) It's popularly believed that George RR Martin wrote the Bible since it took 1600 years. But this isn't true, since the Bible was eventually finished.

3) Christians just guessed what God's will was until the King James Bible was handed down from on high in 1611. Before the KJV, Christians just rolled a d20 to find out what God wanted them to do.

4) For a long time, the Catholic Church would only read the Bible in the original Wookiee so people couldn't understand it. Martin Luther, by way of contrast, insisted that the Bible be translated into the language of the people, Galactic Basic.

5) All of the psalms were originally set to the tune of Guns N' Roses' hit "Sweet Child O' Mine." It's true, try singing all of them right now. 

6) That little "bookmark" hanging out of most Bibles is actually so you can swing it around like a flail and hit people in the face. That's right---what most people think is to save your place in your Bible that you read five weeks ago is actually designed to turn your Bible into a medieval weapon.

7) It would take about 5 billion Bibles to build a stack to the moon, or two of those giant King James Bibles that old guy at your church is always lugging around. Don't mess with the old KJV guy, especially if he's got a giant flail handle.

8) The city of London has begun installing safe surrender bins for people to give up their dangerous Bibles. When you deposit a Bible, you're given a "Good job mate, cheerio" sticker.

9) The Lord of the Rings was originally part of the New Testament canon but was removed by Constantine in AD 330. Constantine also removed DuneThe Wheel of Time, and Your Best Life Now, that little rascal!

10) The writers of the gospels had to switch to a pot of red ink every time they recorded Jesus's words. It was really time-consuming to switch back and forth, but it was totally worth it.

Go tell all your friends about these. Just don't check with Snopes.

There's a small chance we made all these facts up, but we're not making this up: the Christian Standard Bible presents the truth of God's Word with accuracy and clarity for today's readers, equipping them for lifelong discipleship. It's a Bible you can teach from with confidence and a Bible you can share with your neighbor hearing God's Word for the very first time. Check out the CSB here or by clicking the image below!



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