10 Major Disasters From History And How The Media Reported Them
Sponsored · Nov 29, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

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Whenever we think of mainstream media journalists, one word comes to mind: incorruptible. As long as there have been human atrocities throughout history, there have been fair and honest mainstream media organizations courageously reporting on them! Thanks, mainstream media!

Here is a list of disasters from history, and the headlines that were found in the media the next day:

French Revolution: "Hundreds Of Guillotine Accidents Reported"

Tiananmen Square: "Man Killed In Collision With Tank"

OJ Simpson: "Pair Of Gloves Strangles OJ's Wife"

Aztec human sacrifice: "Native Peoples Discover Innovative Way To Reduce Carbon Footprint"

Pompeii: "Trump Destroys Pompeii"

Oklahoma City Bombing: "Fertilizer Mishap At Government Building"

Las Vegas mass shooting: "Bump Stock Accidentally Explodes"

9/11: "Shortsighted Contractors Build Towers In Path Of Oncoming Planes"

Hitler invades Poland: "Poland Invades Hitler!"

Herod killing babies: "Strong Attendance At Pro-Choice Rally In Bethlehem" 

What would we do without the media? Thanks, media! 

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