10 Irrefutable Atheist Arguments That Will Explode Your Feeble Christian Brain
Sponsored · Aug 7, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

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Hey, there, Christian -- you believe in a magic sky daddy. What a dummy! We're about to melt your mind with these ten irrefutable arguments against Christianity. Better go buy a fedora, because you're about to become an atheist.

1. If God's real, why do dinosaurs go roar? Fossils exist. Dinosaurs go roar. You can't explain that.

2. How come your so-called "god" doesn't believe the exact same things I do? If I were God, I would do things differently from how your invisible magic friend sky wizard guy is doing things. Therefore, He does not exist.

3. If God is all-good and all-powerful, why is He allowing James Cameron to make a bunch of Avatar sequels? If He's powerful enough to stop Avatar 2-6 from being made but refuses, then He cannot be all-good. If He wants to stop them but can't, then He cannot be all-powerful.

4. The resurrection of Jesus is clearly a rip-off of Gandalf's return in The Two Towers. The gospel writers clearly watched Peter Jackson's trilogy a bunch of times before coming up with the resurrection of Jesus. The parallels are so obvious. And yet, dumb Christians continue to believe it.

5. Joint Taco Bell-Pizza Hut locations exist in the U.S., yet God is silent. If God wanted to, He could wipe these out right now, so He obviously does not care about justice.

6. Every Christian character I've ever seen in the movies is a real jerk. Look, I don't know any Christians personally. But if I did, I'm sure they'd be as mean as they are on Netflix shows and in Hollywood movies. They're real bigots every time they appear onscreen.

7. Can God make Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson so big He can't lift him? Game. Set. Match.

8. I went to church when I was little and it was boring. I mean, I only went like one time on Easter when we were staying with Aunt Edna. But it was really boring. And the Goldfish crackers were stale. Where's your supposed "god" now, fundie?

9. Flying Spaghetti Monster. Boom. Roasted.

10. Sin is really fun, and God would kinda ruin that whole thing, so thanks but no thanks. Just cutting to the chase here -- if God were real, I'd have a lot of thinking to do about how I live my life. And I really like having no one to answer to. So thanks for the whole comforting religious crutch idea of "god," but I'll stick with doing whatever I want with no moral absolutes to guide me.

The above arguments may be dumb, but sometimes, you encounter real objections to your faith that you just don't have an answer for. Ground your understanding of Christianity in science, history, and rational thinking with A. L. van den Herik's comprehensive guide to the evidence supporting the Christian faith: The Shortest Leap.


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