Liberals Replace Star Of David On 'Coexist' Sticker With Hamas Paraglider
World · Oct 18, 2023 ·

LOS ANGELES, CA — Merchandising companies released an updated version of the iconic 'COEXIST' bumper sticker this week with the Star Of David removed and replaced by the image of Hamas paragliders.

"The best way for everyone to coexist peacefully is by killing off the Jews," said liberal activist Molly Stanton. "It was high time we decolonized the 'COEXIST' message."

According to makers of the sticker, the paraglider symbol of murderous Hamas terrorists encapsulates the freedom and tolerance that all true liberals yearn for. "This change helps convey how serious we are about peaceful coexistence," said sticker designer Deandra Martinez. "We are so committed to peaceful coexistence we will commit mass murder of a particular ethnic group if necessary. We're just one genocide away from utopia, folks."

As of printing time, Rep. Rashida Tlaib had been seen covering flyers showing the faces of hostages with the new 'COEXIST' stickers.

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