Husband And Wife Spend Romantic Evening Sending Each Other Memes
Family · Oct 23, 2023 ·

MEMPHIS, TN — According to sources, a local couple has settled in for a romantic evening of sitting down next to each other and sending memes back and forth.

"Aw yeah, she's gonna love this one," said Darren McCoy, husband and fine meme connoisseur while sending his wife that one meme of that sad dog at the pumpkin patch. "Grade-A romance, right here."

Darren's wife Stephanie was happy to spend the evening swapping the memes with her husband they'd collected throughout the day. She told reporters sometimes it's the only way they really communicate for days.

"I feel like he really gets me," Stephanie said. "Sometimes I wonder if we need to do more communicating, and then he'll send me the funniest thing and I just know we're meant to be soulmates forever. I mean, that one with the Star Wars guys talking about how hard it is to get good WiFi on the Death Star? I feel so seen."

National data show couples that share at least 10 memes with each other a day have happier, longer, and more fulfilled relationships. Many couples throughout the country say daily meme-sharing helps keep things fresh, romantic, and spontaneous.

At publishing time, the romantic mood between the couple had been sadly killed after Stephanie McCoy sent her husband a cringey meme that stopped being funny years ago.

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