YouTuber Stuck In Endless Loop Of Reacting To His Own Reaction Videos
Entertainment · May 19, 2023 ·

U.S. — YouTube personality UgliDawn is seemingly trapped in an endless loop of reacting to his own reaction videos and his fans are concerned. His latest video, "I React To My Reaction Of My Last Reaction Part 25" has over 13 million views and counting.

"Check it, fam! UgliDawn here and I've just got to watch my latest video live for you all. Remember to like, subscribe, comment, and chill," the popular influencer said at the beginning of his latest video. However, it quickly turned dark. "And if you haven't already, check the description for a link to my other reactions to previous reactions. It's nothing but reactions all the way down, fam! Please help me!"

Fan reaction has been mostly negative.

"This is the fourth reaction video today," one fan commented. "Is he okay?"

The original video UgliDawn reacted to is reportedly lost to time. His latest vid shows a picture within a picture within a picture until the original video is impossible to see. And since the sound of each reaction is overlayed on top of each other it's impossible to hear anything beyond the video's quick introduction.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, fans are posting clips of his reactions to his reactions to determine if the videos are even real.

"I think this is all AI-generated," posted @realchristophercolumbus.

"This is probably what Hell sounds like," replied @harrisonfordtwitterfanpage.

At publishing time, UgliDawn posted another reaction video. This time he stared blankly at his computer screen without speaking. Users have questioned whether he is still alive.

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