Wright Brothers’ Flying Machine Hailed As Breakthrough In Getting Small Children To Eat
Family · Jun 18, 2021

KITTY HAWK, NC - Brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright completed the first successful flights of their flying machine Thursday, flying it over a hundred feet each time. Experts are already hailing this as a revolution in ways to get small children to eat.

"It's just an absolutely perfect analogy for a spoon with food on it," said childhood expert Doug Caldwell. "You'll approach the child with the spoon saying 'Here comes the - flying machine?' We'll work on the name - and the child will open his mouth wanting to let it come in for a successful landing."

News of the first powered flight quickly spread far and wide, and already many parents are claiming great success in getting their small children to eat after explaining to their children what an airplane is and then pretending the spoon is one.

The two bicycle-maker brothers who made the machine are happy that everyone is excited but seem perplexed by the focus on its implications in getting children to eat. "Honestly, we thought it would revolutionize the world in more important ways," said Wilbur Wright.

"Yeah, I don't get the big deal about helping kids eat," added Orville Wright.

Both the brothers are unmarried and childless.


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