Worship Leader Unsure What This Hashtag Symbol Doing Next To G Chord
Christian Living ยท Apr 8, 2019

TORONTO - Proclaiming the symbol to be confusing and not helpful at all, local worship leader Michael "Crowdsurf" Lohan discovered several hashtag symbols on the chord sheets he printed for worship this past Sunday.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa---what's a hashtag doing on my music?" he said, puzzled, during practice Sunday morning. "That's for Instagram and Twitter, not music. I know this because I am a serious musician. Music does not have hashtags. Music was invented, like, 100 years before hashtags."

Lohan asked the rest of the worship band if they knew what it was, but they were all similarly nonplussed by the appearance of the hashtag. The bass player tried to tell everyone that the symbols were actually to indicate that the note in question was to be played sharp, but nobody heard him, as usual.

"I checked the hashtag 'G' on Twitter but there wasn't much relevant content there," he said. "Plus, they got the hashtag backward. It's supposed to be on the other side. Everyone knows that."

Eventually, the worship leader decided the symbol was there to instruct him to pause the worship song and tweet out a selfie with the hashtag "blessed."

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