Worship Leader Invites Congregation To Join Him In Time Of Worshiping The Sound Of His Own Voice
Church · Jun 25, 2018 · BabylonBee.com

SEATTLE, WA - In the middle of a worship service at Life Hope Geyser New Life Community Church, the overhead projector abruptly shut off during Sunday's service. The lights dimmed. But the band continued to play. In the midst of this raw, powerful moment, worship leader Liam Fabien said, "Won't you join me now with arms raised, eyes closed, and hearts in sold-out surrender to the glory of my amazing singing voice?"

Fabien went on to sing a string of improvised vocal inflections reminiscent of the climax of a Mariah Carey song. Fabien was "clearly in a state of complete devotion unlike we had ever seen," according to worship band drummer Scott Thompson, who viewed the transcendent event from just a few feet away.

The vocalist then led the church in a heartfelt prayer of praise for his own beautiful voice: "Dear Father God, let us just worship and bow down before the amazing range on these pipes. It is the alto, the treble, the bass, the falsetto and the bel canto. Let these arpeggios fall upon us now like waves of rushing water, let us bow down before this blessed larynx that bursts forth like an angelic songbird. Let our spirits be renewed by the croons and trills of these most blessed vocal chords. Let all other voices bow down and acknowledge there is no pitch so perfect. There is no octave unattainable by the crazy range of my wondrous voice."

Fabien then went on to ask the band to stop playing and invited the church into an a cappella refrain, singing a solo that gradually climbed the major scale to an octave barely audible to human ears.

"It was a real time of transformation," said church member Jenn Hesse, wiping tears from her eyes. "It was as if, for one special moment, the entire sanctuary was miraculously transformed into the set of American Idol."


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