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Woman Graciously Submits To Husband By Allowing Him To Pick Which Episode Of 'Gilmore Girls' To Watch

ATLANTA, GA—Local woman Destiny Wilson graciously submitted to her husband's Christlike leadership Friday evening by allowing him to select which episode of Gilmore Girls they would be watching.

"Do you want to start at Rory's graduation, or should we go back and watch Season 1 again?" she said, humbly allowing her husband, Chris, to lead their family. "Whatever you think is best—I'll submit to your leadership on this, even though it's not always easy."

Wilson also allowed her husband to choose whether or not to skip the show's theme song, simply nodding her acceptance of his leadership when he didn't reach for the remote.

"In secular households, sometimes the woman just picks a GG episode and doesn't even bother asking her husband," Wilson told reporters. "But for Chris and me, we want to follow the Lord's plan in Ephesians 5. That's why I never just pick the episode we're gonna watch on any given night."

"I'm conformed to the image of God's Son more and more as I learn to follow wherever my husband leads, whether that's Rory's difficult adjustment to college life or the valley of the shadow of death: season 7."

At publishing time, Wilson had submitted to her husband's leadership yet again by allowing him to choose which Pitch Perfect installment they'd finish the night with.

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