Woke Bro Commits To Exclusively Making 'That’s What Xe Said' Jokes
Politics · Apr 9, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

BERKLEY, CA - College frat boy, party animal, and all-around jokester Richard Yitzchak has announced that since becoming "more woke" he will only be making "that's what xe said" jokes.

Yitzchak says he had the realization while taking a gender studies course: "I realized that my off-the-cuff jesting was perpetuating antiquated, patriarchal, gender-binary norms. I looked in the mirror and was like, 'you're part of the problem, bro,'" Yitzchak told reporters.

Since the change, Yitzchak says he has received fewer laughs, but it's worth the sacrifice. When asked in what context he uses the punchline, Richard explained that, in theory, the joke should work as the punchline after any common sentence.

However, Yitzchak admits the change has not been without its challenges. "I'm still not totally clear on how to pronounce 'xe'", Yitzchak admitted. "But it's the fact that I am trying that matters."


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