Wife Can't Recall Where She Put Her Car Keys But Remembers Dumb Thing You Said 12 Years Ago
Christian Living · Feb 21, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. - According to sources, your wife can't recall where she put her car keys but still remembers the dumb thing you said to her over 12 years ago.

"Ugh -- where are those keys?" she asked of the car keys she set down on the counter not five minutes before. "Did somebody move them? You moved them, didn't you?"

When you insisted that you didn't move them, she was reminded of something mean you said over a decade ago.

"You're wrong. Remember when you were wrong about the thing that time?"

She then proceeded to quote the exact phrase, what the weather was like, what time of day it was, where you were standing, and what the Dow was at exactly that moment.

"But honestly, where the heck are my keys?"

She also couldn't find her sunglasses, though they were on her forehead.

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