Wife Buys Containers To Hold Other Containers

WABASH, IN—Trisha Alverson reportedly returned home from one of the city’s container stores with a fresh supply of containers to hold containers she already owns. She reminded her befuddled husband to not worry because all 38 containers of varying sizes had been on sale.

“The Containers-For-Containers Store™ had a blowout sale to make room for their new holiday lineup of containers,” said Trisha to her husband in response to his question about the container-filled containers currently plugging up every room in the house. “These new containers are extra stackable with SlimLid Technology™ to save up to 17% more space.”

She then asked her husband to make room for the new containers by donating a sofa and coffee table to the Goodwill store and selling the family dog.

At publishing time, the exhausted Mr. Alverson had crawled through the gauntlet of containers into the garage so he could spend time fixing up one of his seven broken motorcycles.

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