What All Those Car Warning Lights Mean - A Guide for Women
Life · Aug 17, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

Cars are incredible contraptions. But what do all the funny lights on the dashboard mean? Ladies, this handy guide is for you!

Behold! A detailed explanation of each dashboard light:

This means nothing. You can drive your car indefinitely. Nothing bad will happen.

Not sure why car makers keep putting this one in.



A genie has granted your car a wish!

Congratulations! Maybe now you can afford gas.

It's time to remove your IUD.

A little personal but okay.

Be careful - this means a Bullet Bill is flying toward you!


There's a surprise in your uterus.


Buckle up your armless baby.

Otherwise, it might wiggle away like a worm.

You have great abs. You go, girl!

Only in high-end vehicles like a Lamborghini.

Your car has COVID-19.

Why weren't you wearing a mask, Cheryl?

Car has been placed in "Put On Makeup" mode.

Not that you need it. Women are fantastic multi-taskers.

There's a giant padlock on the back of your car.

How did that get there?

This is the robot that assembled your car. His name is BETA3885.

Awwwww, so CUTE!


Great going! You reminded me of your father back there!

There will be a blood moon tonight.

Oh no! Enemies are going to respawn!

A snake is coming out of your iPod!

How does the car know...?

Your car has monkeypox!

Shouldn't have driven through West Hollywood...

Bumper lanes ahead. You may remove your hands from the wheel.

So relaxing.

An enemy has spotted you!

Go hide under the nearest cardboard box immediately.

Here is a comprehensive list of the only instances it is acceptable for men to shed a tear.

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