We'll Never Reach The World With The Love Of Christ Until We're Willing To Admit That Jesus Probably Isn't Real
Opinion · Sep 20, 2016 · BabylonBee.com

Every Christian wants to reach the world with the love of Jesus.

But not every Christian is willing to admit that Jesus is probably not real.

Church, this is a problem.

There are countless people in the world - our friends, coworkers, and neighbors - who do not believe that Jesus Christ is real. Yet so many Christians who are supposed to be the very hands and feet of Christ are too trapped in rigid tradition and dogma to meet those people where they are and affirm that they are probably right.

So consider this a prophetic plea to my brothers and sisters in Christ: we are never going to reach the world with the love of Christ until we're willing to admit that Jesus probably isn't real.

We've got to be humble enough to accept that Jesus likely never walked the earth. We have to be open-minded enough to affirm that Jesus probably does not presently exist as the Second Person of the Trinity. To reach a suffering world for Jesus, we have to be unpretentious enough to admit that there's a good chance it's all just a fairy tale.

How can we reach people with the love of Christ when we walk around like we are absolutely certain that Jesus is real? How can we say we respect our neighbor if we're not willing to reply "Amen!" when they tell us that God is a figment of our imagination?

Who are we to assume that we have a monopoly on the truth?

Did Jesus exist? Does Jesus exist? Maybe, maybe not. Probably not.

The more pressing question is this: does it really matter?

I say it does not. I say the more important issue is that there's a dying world out there waiting for you and me to show them the love of Christ.

And unless we're willing to admit that Jesus is probably not real, we're never going to reach them.


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