We Can't Wait To Watch 'Stranger Things', But Why Aren't We Searching For Spiritual Things? — Op-Ed By Youth Pastor
Christian Living · Aug 3, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

So often we find ourselves eager to see a new episode of Stranger Things. We will immediately drop whatever it is we are doing, cancel plans, and sit for hours watching closely, hanging on every word. But the thought occurred to me: why aren‘t we searching for SPIRITUAL THINGS?!

What if all that time spent learning about Eleven was spent learning about the ONE who saves?! Can you even imagine what that would look like, Christians?

Spiritual Things are all around us — but are we looking for them?

Perhaps we're too concerned about Mike and El's relationship, and not concerned enough about our relationship with Jesus. So let‘s quit worrying about Eleven and her Papa and start focusing on restoring our relationship with our Holy Papa.

How is it that even a villain like Vecna knows he's got to get plugged in, but still we think we're fine on our own? Are we plugged into the Spiritual Things right in front of us in our communities, our Churches, and our prayer life?

What hope do we have to withstand the fiery darts of the Mind Flayer? Fortunately, we don't have to communicate with God through blinking Christmas lights. He speaks to us clearly through Scripture and prayer so that we are always ready for our next mind fight with the evil one.

We applaud Joyce and Hopper for traveling all over the world as they encounter Stranger Things, but we don't even have the strength to walk across our bedroom and encounter Spiritual Things like God's Holy Word.

Maybe it's time to tell the world courageously that we're looking for — no, desperately seeking — Spiritual Things, and that we're more concerned with the Spiritual Things while the Stranger Things of this world grow strangely dim. And just maybe it's time to let Jesus come into our hearts and turn our lives... "upside down."

So instead of worrying about Demigorgons, Demidogs, and Mind Flayers let‘s show the world that we're running up that hill towards Jesus.

I hope to see you at tonight's Stranger Things watch party. We have free pizza, NO CAP!

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