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Victoria's Secret Introduces Line Of More Revealing Masks

U.S.—Victoria's Secret has unveiled a new line of more revealing, skimpy medical masks so women can look sexy while out and about during the pandemic.

"Now you don't have to hide your luscious lips behind an ugly, unattractive medical mask," said a Victoria's Secret spokesperson. "Men will go crazy for a glimpse of your forbidden mouth. Whether you're at the grocery store or out for a casual jog, you can observe local mask ordinances and still look incredibly sexy."

The company was quick to warn that the masks provide absolutely no medical protection whatsoever. "Oh, yeah, you're definitely gonna get COVID-19 if you wear one of these. But you'll look so appealing as you hack your lungs out."

While they contain 99% less material than a normal mask, they will start at $79.99 each.

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