VeggieTales Creators Reveal Characters Were Fruits All Along

U.S.—SpongeBob has come out of the closet, and now more cartoon characters are following suit. Today, the writers of VeggieTales have revealed that most of the characters are actually fruits.

"Bob has lived his life under the label of a vegetable, but he's actually been a fruit all along," said co-creator Phil Vischer. "We hope this will allow more fruits that some people think are vegetables like peppers, eggplants, olives, and pumpkins to come out publicly as fruits for the first time."

According to the show's writers, Larry the Cucumber is also a fruit, as is Madame Blueberry, Jimmy Gourd, Jerry Gourd, The Peach, Blind Lemon Lincoln, and countless others. A few of the characters are vegetables and have not revealed any hidden identity as fruits, while Bacon Bill bravely came out as a meat product last year -- a first in the Christian cartoon vegetable community.

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