Upon Becoming Richest Man In World, Elon Musk Treats Himself To Side Of Guac At Chipotle
Celebs · Jan 8, 2021

AUSTIN, TX - It's not every day you become the richest man in the world, and the newly crowned holder of the title decided he was going to do a little something special for himself to celebrate. Famed inventor and all-around weirdo Elon Musk waltzed into a local Chipotle restaurant, slapped down a hundred-dollar bill, and ordered a burrito with a side of extra guac.

"You know what? I've arrived, and I'm gonna treat myself," he said with a smile as he told the cashier to go ahead and ring him up for the small cup of guacamole, unattainable for the average American at $1.95. "And what the heck -- let's add the chips and guac too. I've earned this."

"And you know what, hon?" he said to the cashier. "Buy yourself something nice." He then flipped a quarter into the tip jar, spun around on his heel, and waltzed out of the place like a total baddonkey.

At publishing time, Musk's careless spending had pushed him down the list several places.


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