Tragedy: Mom Experiences Sweet Picturesque Moment With Kids But Can't Post It Since Instagram Is Down
Internet · Oct 4, 2021 ·

MISSION VIEJO, CA - In a heartbreaking tragedy, local mother Rayne McCloud experienced a heartwarming, touching, eternally important moment of connection, love, and laughter with her children Monday, but she couldn't post it online because Instagram was down.

"Oh, that was so adorable!" she exclaimed after her daughter, Shiloh, did something really cute. "Can you do it again so I can get it on video?"

Jazzed that she would get tons of likes for the cute moment, McCloud went to post it on Instagram but was crestfallen to learn that it was down. "Wasted! The whole thing is wasted! Ugh!" she shouted. "What's the point of having a moment of eternal importance with my kids if I can't even share it online for internet clout?"

She tried to speak to the Instagram manager, but couldn't find her contact information with Instagram being down. At publishing time, she had informed her daughter that she would have to replicate the moment later so she could go live on Instagram with the touching moment when it came back up.

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