Top CNN Anonymous Source Revealed To Be Local Barista
Politics ยท Aug 1, 2017

ATLANTA, GA - An investigative report revealed Tuesday that CNN's top anonymous source, who has leaked several high-profile stories in recent months, is actually a barista named Donna who works at a local Atlanta coffee shop frequented by network staff.

Several CNN reporters were seen over the last several months entering the cafe to get "the best latte in town," and also hung around with Donna to see what new information she had picked up recently on any of the week's hot-button political issues.

"Donna has been revealing all kinds of shocking pieces of information to her coffee shop customers," one reporter said Tuesday as the story broke. "The talented barista quickly became one of CNN's most prominent sources of information as they utilized hard-hitting journalistic methods."

Donna also reportedly had encyclopedic knowledge of dozens of different types of coffee drinks served at the coffee shop, in addition to her juicy tidbits of information about the Trump administration.

At publishing time, sources had confirmed that Donna also managed to get several CNN contacts to sign up for a cafe rewards card during their clandestine meetings.


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