To Grow Customer Base, Cracker Barrel Rebrands As 'Hispanic, Black, And Cracker Barrel'
U.S. · May 31, 2024 ·

LEBANON, TN — In an attempt to right the ship amid financial struggles and grow its customer base, restaurant chain Cracker Barrel announced it will be rebranded as Hispanic, Black, and Cracker Barrel.

The company's decision to rebrand came after several difficult years for the business as it continued to wrestle with a variety of obstacles, including inflation, an aging clientele, and an apparent lack of people across the country in need of rocking chairs or old-timey home decor and crafts that were popular a century ago.

"We need to cast a wider net for customers," said Cracker Barrel CEO Julie Felss Masino. "Catering our traditional base of crackers is not sustainable, so we have decided to rebrand in an effort to appeal to Hispanics and blacks in addition to crackers. We might even open things up to Asians."

Company insiders hope the rebrand will allow the restaurant chain to draw in diners from a more diverse pool of the population. "We can't get by with just welcoming crackers anymore," said a Cracker Barrel marketing spokesperson. "We need to have food, games, and merchandise that are desirable to other segments of society as well. Adding more tortilla-based menu items and mariachi bands should help us make inroads with the Hispanic community, and we also have a large survey in progress to help us learn more about what the blacks like. Soon, we will be a popular dining location for a broad range of people groups — not just crackers."

At publishing time, the company was reportedly preparing a fallback option to further rebrand itself as Chinamen, Hispanic, Black, And Cracker Barrel.

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