Tis The Season: Christmas Carolers Delight Locals By Going Door To Door Singing ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

MEMPHIS, TN—How touching! According to sources, a local group of Christmas carolers is spreading holiday cheer throughout the area by going door to door singing "Let's Go Brandon!" to friends and neighbors. 

"It's been a rough year for many people, and we want to help lift everyone's spirits with the most beloved Christmas message we know," said caroler Christy McNally. "Let's go Brandon!" 

According to witnesses in one neighborhood, people young and old opened their front doors to hear the carolers' sweet singing, swaying back and forth as they joined along in the traditional Christmas chant against the current administration. 

"Christmas spirit is in short supply this year," said Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland, "It does my heart good to hear this message of hope spread far and wide. Let's go Brandon!"

The carolers also delighted locals with lovely renditions of the Christmas classics "Become Ungovernable" and "Taxation is Theft."

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