Tim Keller Releases New 'Sweatin' To The Hymnal' Line Of Workout Videos
Celebs · Aug 5, 2016 · BabylonBee.com

NEW YORK, NY - Prolific theologian, author, and pastor Timothy Keller proudly announced Friday the release of his latest video series: "Sweatin' to the Hymnal." The production features Keller along with fellow staff members at Redeemer Presbyterian Church leading energetic, motivating workout routines to uptempo renditions of classic hymns and gospel songs.

"God designed us for community, to be a redeeming force in our cities," Keller wrote on his blog post announcing the series. "We are to have dominion, to fill the earth - how can we do that if we can barely make it up a few flights of stairs?"

Keller states the exercise sets feature workouts of varying intensity, and deluxe DVD sets come packaged with official Tim Keller gear like a headband and a "TIM's GYM" T-shirt.

"So whether you're an urban dweller like me or you live in some more rural, unimportant place," he continued, "with the release of 'Sweatin' to the Hymnal,' I invite you to come and perspire with me, and strengthen your body while edifying your soul."

If sales meet expectations, Keller said he will follow up the videos with other faith-focused workout series, like "Sweatin' to the Psalter" and "Preach the Pounds Away."


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