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Tim Challies Wins Jeopardy! In Dominant Performance

BURBANK, CA—Employing the vast stockpile of knowledge he has gained from decades of daily research for the A La Carte feature of his world-famous blog, Tim Challies competed in Jeopardy! and emerged decisively victorious Wednesday.

The Canadian Challies, who has blogged at his website every day since he was four years old, dominated the action for a wire-to-wire win, nailing each “Daily Double” and running the table in six categories. The announcement of one category—“The Puritans”—caused him to let a confident giggle slip, for which he apologized profusely.

The one-man content factory, who has blogged for almost 13,000 consecutive days, racked up nearly $50,000 in prize money—but he didn’t even participate in “Final Jeopardy!” to achieve that impressive number. Instead of taking a stab at the valuable final clue, he opted to wager $0 and write as his answer: “To the other contestants, I am so sorry.”

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