Thomas Sowell Slams Santa Claus For Plan To Flood Market With Free Toys
Finance · Dec 16, 2020 ·

U.S. - The famed conservative economist and free-market advocate Dr. Thomas Sowell took a lot of flak this week by distancing himself from the economic practices of one "Santa Claus". Sowell pointed out that a sudden flood of free toys will devalue the toys already on the market, causing rapid inflation of the value of things like Nerf guns, Barbie dolls, and toy choo-choo trains.

In a scorching open letter to the magic man who gives presents to children, the acclaimed Stanford economist stated:

"You can't just flood the entire market with an unlimited supply of free toys. The economic incentives of crafting millions of toys for American children are going to deprive hard-working American retailers of millions of dollars in profit and further prolong our ongoing recession. If he wants to engage in charitable practices, the least he can do is offer American companies their patronage." 

Thomas Sowell has since offered to send a free copy of his book Basic Economics to the North Pole to help re-educate Santa Claus on his obvious lack of knowledge on issues of supply and demand in the free market. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, A New York congresswoman, responded to Sowell's denouncement of Santa's economic devastation by stating that Santa's actions over the past 1500 years have been clear expressions of classism and racism.

"Santa Claus isn't doing enough for me!!" 

 In an epic tweetstorm, the congresswoman stated:

"Like, if Santa Claus is magical why can't he provide the entire world with a basic standard of living and income? Instead, he just delivers toys to rich white kids and leaves poor starving children in Africa with no Nerf guns and PlayStation 5s?!? #DecolonizeSanta."

Dr. Sowell was later vindicated after it was revealed that Santa doesn't really exist. AOC slammed the revelations of Santa's non-existence as "racist," "fascist" and "unacceptable in a democratic society."

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