'This Ain’t It, Chief' Updated To 'This Ain’t It, Noble Indigenous Tribal Leader'

U.S.—The popular internet comment response "This ain't it, chief," has been rightfully seen by many as problematic for years as it appropriates Native American culture in a derisive way, using the word "chief," which everybody knows is an offensive term. Native Americans have spent countless hours weeping since it was first coined.

New Internet guidelines state that people must now say, "This ain't it, noble indigenous tribal leader." Leading social media platforms have already begun to implement an algorithm that automatically corrects the text any time a user types in the dated phrase. Experts say this will solve racism.

The decision was arrived at after a recent Twitter user responded to a problematic tweet by saying, "this ain't it, chief" which led to another user responding, "This ain't it, CHIEF?! THIS ain't it, ch-- ch--" causing the software to meltdown, resulting in a momentary Twitter outage.

Those who attempt to use the phrase in its out-dated format will be flagged and visited by the authorities. 

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