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There’s A Fifteen, Maybe Twenty Percent Chance I’ll Remember To Pray For You, Brother

Wow. I’m so, so sorry to hear that terrible news. I can’t believe you’re going through this. Please remember that God is in control, and I hope you receive some semblance of comfort knowing that there’s a fifteen, maybe twenty percent chance I’ll remember to pray for you, brother.

When I call you “brother,” I really mean that. You and I are spiritual siblings, united in Christ, and it is our duty to pray for each other and carry each other’s burdens (Gal 6:2). This is why I’m happy to tell you that there’s an almost 1-in-4 chance that I will recollect my promise to you to approach the throne of God, solemnly and sincerely, to intercede on your behalf.

Brother, I realize you’re going through a miserable, gut-wrenching season in your life right now, and if I were in your shoes, believe me, I would be coveting the prayers of my fellow saints. Big-time. I know how vital it is to have trusted brothers and sisters in Christ who you know — you just know — will pray for you when you need it the most. I want to be that person for you. So I’m telling you, right now, that I’m pegging the odds at like fifteen, maybe twenty percent that I will be on my knees praying for you very soon.

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