'The View' Announces New Cast Member Donella Trump
Entertainment · Jul 1, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

NEW YORK, NY - Meghan McCain is out as co-host of The View, but the show's viewers don't need to worry: Producers have already announced her replacement, Donella Trump.

The show's first trans woman, Donella Trump is being praised for breaking barriers, and some are saying that viewers can't wait to hear her "tremendous" thoughts on everything from the election to Diet Coke. Trump had reportedly spammed ABC with her resume, and showrunners finally agreed to hire her as co-host due to her oppressed, marginalized status as a transgender commentator.

"I'm excited to join these beautiful women every week and give my opinions," Ms. Trump said. "And I have some fantastic opinions, believe me. Everyone says so. The show had pathetic ratings before I came on. Not good! But I'm going to make The View great again. There's no doubt. No doubt about it at all. It will be the most-watched show of all time. I guarantee it."

"Me and these other broads are gonna have the best conversations ever broadcast. Ever broadcast."

Ms. Donella Trump will make her first appearance next week and has said she will devote her first episode to ranting about how the election was stolen.


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