The Babylon Bee's List Of Updated Terms For Journalists, Now That Biden Is President
U.S. ยท Feb 3, 2021

The nightmare is over! Now that the evil racist dictator Trump has been removed from office by the power of democracy and a 30,000-man standing army, journalists can now resume their normal routines of napping on the job and writing about ice cream.

But the last 4 years have taken their toll. Journalists have been using over-the-top hyperbole to heroically remove the president for a long time now. We here at The Babylon Bee want to remind journalists to STOP using the terms you have been using for 4 years, now that a compassionate and wise leader like President Biden is in office!

As a handy guide, here is a list of terms you have likely been using, and what you should replace them with now that our President Biden is here to make everything OK.


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