Terrifying: Here Are 10 Far-Right Resources Now Available In Florida Public Schools
Sponsored · Aug 3, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

Brought to you by: PragerU

With the startling announcement that resources from conservative media organization PragerU will now be available to students in Florida public schools, it's time for parents to be on the lookout for what other dangerous, right-wing material their unsuspecting children may discover at school.

The Babylon Bee has compiled a list of sickening, ultra-right resources that will now be available in Florida public schools.

  1. Biology textbooks: Indoctrinating children with transphobia. Awful.
  2. Regular math books that aren't Common Core: Do you really expect students to learn math the way they did it for thousands of years prior to 2010?
  3. First-grade health books that don't even mention gay sex: How are children supposed to learn about gay sex? How?!
  4. Strange red, white, and blue flags with stars and stripes instead of the traditional Ukrainian flag: This flag with stars and stripes must be some type of hate symbol.
  5. Framed portraits of Ron DeSantis all the kids must salute with arms at 45 degree angle each morning: Wow. History is truly repeating itself.
  6. Teachers that say "Slavery was awful, a real atrocity. But black people are strong and resilient and made the most of rebuilding their lives after they were emancipated.": Calling black people resilient is white supremacy.
  7. The U.S. Constitution: Think of the horrifying things a child may learn by reading it.
  8. Natural, whole milk in the cafeteria: Where will young men get their daily requirement of soy?
  9. School crosswalks in traditional asphalt color: Not a single rainbow to be seen. Sad.

How frightening! Keep your eye out for what types of harmful things your children may now be exposed to at school!

NOT SATIRE: PragerU is now in schools as an official state-approved educational vendor. Florida was the first state to officially approve PragerU's supplemental resources, and we're in process with more states to be announced soon!

We are working with state superintendents, education commissioners, and state departments of education to bring PragerU into classrooms nationwide. Our free turnkey lesson plans and educational resources offer a cutting-edge way to teach subjects ranging from civics and history to entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

PragerU is trying to help America's students — but the left (which has hijacked the education system, including teachers unions) is doing everything in its power to label us as "far right," deplatform us, and keep PragerU out of schools.

PragerU needs you to stand with us and push back against the lies told about our content. In an effort to give a voice to millions of Americans who want PragerU in schools, we launched this petition for teachers, parents, and the American people to show their overwhelming support to get PragerU in classrooms nationwide. Please take one minute to show your support and sign the petition. Together, we can change the future of education in America!

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