Switchfoot Releases Implicit Worship Album
Entertainment · Aug 31, 2018 · BabylonBee.com

ENCINITAS, CA - To the delight of the band's Christian fans, Switchfoot has released a brand-new "implicit worship" album, packed with tracks heavily implying that the band is worshiping Jesus in the lyrics.

The songs invite you to sing along to complex metaphors involving entropy and things caving in, implicitly worshiping the Lord through several layers of poetic symbolism. While previous Switchfoot songs have tended toward not mentioning Jesus directly, this new worship album will very clearly hint at worshiping the Christian God.

One powerful track, "Gravitational Entropy Wave," is about the second coming of Christ, according to frontman Jon Foreman. "That was a really fun one to write. We wanted our fans to be able to just anticipate the coming Hebrew Messiah with metaphors about entropy, shadows, sunshine, and of course, surfing." The song mostly has lyrics about gravity and setting suns.

The album was written entirely by Foreman in three hours while surfing in Encinitas.

The Implicit Worship Project doesn't have an explicitly given price point, but its price is implied to be $11.99 on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Music.


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