Successful New Movie Ratings Website Just Gives Exact Opposite Score Of Rotten Tomatoes
Entertainment · Nov 15, 2019 ·

VALENCIA, CA - Stephen Haight was having a really hard time one night trying to find something to watch on TV with his girlfriend. Between their four streaming services and collection of DVDs, they were a little overwhelmed to say the least. So they looked up some ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

Haight's girlfriend Brittany had heard from one of her feminist friends that the Watchmen series on HBO was really good. Haight wanted to watch Tommy Boy - which was no longer on Netflix, but luckily he owned the DVD. It turned out that Watchmen had a much better Tomatometer rating (96%) than Tommy Boy (42%), so they watched the entire first season that night.

It was terrible.

This happened over and over. They would pick one film over another based on the Tomatometer, and the film would be a bust. Worse, every one of the shows or films that lost out ended up being fantastic.

So last week Haight launched his very own film rating site called FlickFlop. FlickFlop uses basic math to simply reverse the Tomatometer's score. So in the case of Tommy Boy (42%), its rating moves to 58%. This score definitely beats out the Watchmen series (96%), which moves to a meager 4%.

FlickFlop has seen heavy traffic in its first week. Films like Joker, Super Troopers, and Step Brothers are finally being given a chance. Some folks even watched Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones, of which they had grown so afraid in their Rotten Tomatoes days.

So why wait? Download the FlickFlop app today on iOS or Android. You'll be watching movies that actually end up being good in no time.

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