Study: Gay Frog Population Has Grown By 492% Since Alex Jones Social Media Ban
Worldviews · Feb 28, 2019 ·

U.S. - A new study on local homosexual frog populations indicated Thursday that the LGBT frog community has exploded in size since Alex Jones was banned from nearly all social media platforms last year.

One estimate suggests the gay frog community may have grown as much as 492% since the ban.

"Without Alex Jones speaking out against the government's conspiracy to turn the frogs gay, their project has been able to move forward unimpeded," said one analyst. "This is a total disaster and a big win for the deep state."

Government agents were seen high-fiving and cackling at various mountain water sources last month as they poured barrels of chemicals marked "Gay Frog Stuff" into the water supply in hopes of turning the frogs gay. In the past, the nation could count on Alex Jones to break the story on these kinds of illicit government activities, but with Jones' voice being silenced across social media, there's no one to speak up for the rapidly diminishing heterosexual frog population.

At publishing time, sources had further confirmed that the population of covert lizard people living in the United States had also grown exponentially since Jones was banned.

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