Study Finds Vaccine Only Works If You Post A Vaccination Selfie On Facebook
Health · Jan 5, 2021 ·

U.S. - A new study has found that the vaccines available for COVID-19 are indeed effective, but only if you post a selfie of yourself getting the vaccine on Facebook.

"It seems that the vaccine doesn't work unless you post yourself giving a thumbs up and smiling while getting the shot," said Dr. Dick Nygard, a pharmaceutical expert. "People who get the vaccine but fail to post it on Facebook will still be vulnerable to infection and must mask up, stay home, and stay safe."

Experts later clarified that even if you post a Facebook selfie, you should still "mask up, stay home, and stay safe" because no one is really sure exactly what's going on or how any of this works.

According to the latest research, selfies on Twitter or TikTok videos are also acceptable, but a Facebook selfie is the most effective method of ensuring your vaccine works.

Doctors also say that at least 20 likes on your selfie will ensure full potency and allow the vaccine to be maximally effective at making you feel safer.


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