Study: Everybody Else's Sin Is Much Worse Than Yours
Christian Living · Oct 26, 2018 ·

U.S. - A new report released in a joint study by several evangelical denominations confirmed Friday that the habitual sin that everybody else struggles with is much worse than your own.

The study found that your sin is regrettable but not that bad, while everybody else's sin is horrible, disgusting, and should be repented of immediately.

"The vast majority of sin that your Christian brothers and sisters struggle with is awful," the report read, "while the overwhelming majority of sin that you habitually commit is pretty minor." The report went on to state that "frankly, God probably doesn't care that much about your pet sins, so go ahead and keep doing them."

Study analysts further confirmed that you shouldn't even bother trying to mortify your own indwelling sin, since it's relatively minor, while you should constantly call other people out for their horrifying sins. "Judge them early, and judge them often," they wrote in their report. "They should be thankful that God put someone as holy as you on this earth to point out their totally depraved sins."

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