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Stone-Hearted Man Scrolls Right Past Jesus Meme Without Sharing It

LIVINGSTON, MT—Seemingly unmoved by the clear pronouncement that if he loved Jesus he would share it, stone-hearted man Jeff Bandy reportedly noticed a Jesus meme while checking his Facebook feed early Wednesday, read it in its entirety, and then continued on scrolling without sharing the image.

Sources report that the Facebook post clearly laid out, over a picture of Jesus, that The Lord Himself had seen Bandy read the meme, and that if he loved Him, he would prove that love by sharing the post with his Facebook following. Despite the meme’s clarity that God Himself was watching intently to note Bandy’s next move, the man’s heart of granite compelled him to scroll right past the image without so much as a “like.”

“If you love Jesus, share this post—it doesn’t get much simpler than that,” lamented Jared Cabrera, the man who created the meme, when reached for comment. “Moments like this separate the sheep from the goats, and this man is clearly a false believer. I pray that God will crack his hard heart, causing him to reconsider this blatant and grievous denial of The Lord.”

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