Steven Furtick Forced To Cancel Book-Signing Event After Getting Lost In His Mansion
Celebs · Mar 10, 2016 ·

WEDDINGTON, NC - Pastor Steven Furtick was forced to cancel a book-signing event at a Charlotte-area Barnes & Noble Thursday after getting hopelessly lost in his home.

According to sources, the celebrity pastor was making his way from his $1.7 million mansion's lower-level theater when he took a wrong turn near the wine cellar, which sent him traveling mistakenly down the great hall toward the gymnasium, instead of his intended route - down the west dining hall, past the billiard wing, and toward main-level entrance D1.

Furtick reportedly realized his mistake once he spotted the conservatory, but by then it was too late. The panicked pastor began walking through the 16,000 square-foot castle at a high rate of speed, taking one errant turn after another, before collapsing near the glass enclosure of swimming pool H.

A string of self-affirmations fueled a brief second wind which proved futile after he remembered that, even if he were to find his way out of his palatial estate, he would still have his 19 acres of dense woodland to navigate.

The book-signing event, which was organized to promote Furtick's new book, will reportedly be rescheduled.


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