Steph Curry Questions Whether Michael Jordan Actually Went To Space To Help Bugs Bunny Win A Basketball Game
Sports · Dec 13, 2018 ·

U.S. - On a podcast earlier this week, NBA star Stephen Curry questioned whether or not Michael Jordan actually went to space in the 1990s to help Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes win an intergalactic basketball game against the nefarious Monstars.

While conventional wisdom has held that Jordan saved both the careers of several star basketball players and the lives of the Looney Tunes through his heroic matchup against the alien minions, Curry refused to take the official account at face value.

"I don't want to feed the conspiracies and stuff, but it's an interesting question," Curry pondered aloud. "I mean, if you start questioning this stuff, they'll come get you, ya know?" The star point guard claims he always believed that Jordan actually went to space as a kid, but upon a recent viewing of the documentary Space Jam, his doubts started to arise.

It all started with Bill Murray's surprise entrance late in the game against the evil alien basketball players: "I realized that Bill Murray is probably not going to be the guy you call on to win a basketball game, especially a high-stakes matchup where your cartoon friends' lives are at stake," Curry said. "And once I started questioning that, the reality of the whole thing started to unravel."

Curry also pointed out the "suspect" idea that cartoons and humans could even play a basketball game together. "It just seems like something out of a movie and not real science," he said, further calling out elements like the cartoon basketball players blowing each other up with ACME explosives and traps as "outlandish."

At publishing time, Warner Bros. had invited Curry to tour the Moron Mountain amusement park deep in outer space to prove its legitimacy.


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